Depression related

For most people, mood disorders can be successfully treated with talk therapy.

Depression, Deep Melancholy or the Blues, however you call it, creeps up slowly and makes it’s nest in our minds and body sucking up our:

Sense of purpose
Sense of self
Interests and pleasure

It undermines our beliefs of control over our memory, attention, decision making and judgement. Under it’s spell, its common to dwell excessively over feelings and thoughts of worthlessness, hopelessness, death and even suicide.

If you feel that you are struggling with some of the issues above, get in touch and together we’ll figure out what is happening and how we can get you out of this very curable affliction.


You do not need a specific diagnosis to get on a treatment plan for depression with me. If you suspect that your symptoms and challenges are interfering with your daily functioning, then you deserve to get the right support.

However, if you have an assessment from a licensed Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Doctor, then let me know and we can directly get to the treatment.

The specific diagnoses that I can help you with are:

→ Major Depressive Disorder
→ Seasonal Affective Disorder or the Winter Blues
→ Bipolar Disorder
→ Postpartum Depression or the Baby Blues
→ Co-morbid Depression e.g. together with another illness or an anxiety disorder


Depression is best treated by understanding and eliminating the mental processes that are keeping your mind from functioning optimally. Keeping this as our goal, I use my cognitive therapy training to identify processes, triggers, and coping mechanisms, that are keeping your depression going.

Collaboratively, we work on interrupting these processes to transfer control back to you and towards improved mental health.

My background and education is in psychotherapeutic, developmental, cognitive, social and biological psychology. This means that during therapy, we can work on directly getting to the crux of why, when and how of the challenges.

No matter what your circumstances, you can be FREE of depression.

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