Metacognitive therapy

Metacognitive therapy


This is a relatively new form of talk therapy, where the focus of treatment is on your relationship with your thoughts.

Most recent research from Psychology and Neuroscience, points to evidence that our brains exhibit plasticity, behaviours are changeable and emotions are self-regulating. Not only are our beliefs, emotions and behaviours influenced by our minds, but the influence goes the other way too. These findings have important implications for improving our mental health.

During therapy, our goal is to zoom in on your everyday thought processes to explore key beliefs, coping mechanisms and behaviours that are preventing the natural process of healthy self-regulation, and instead persevering mental illness and the subjective experience of loss of control.

Metacognitive therapy is a relatively short form of targeted treatment, which is especially effective for Anxiety disorders and Depression. It is also showing promising results for people facing challenges caused by personality disorders and emotional instability.

Typically, treatment requires between 7 to 12 sessions depending on individual factors and severity.

You can read more about this form of therapy at MCTi’s website.

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