Online therapy

Online therapy

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In today’s fast paced world, finding time for self-care and mental well-being can be a challenge. That’s where my offer for online therapy services comes in. This gives you the possibility of convenient and flexible mental health support, right where you are.

Seeking therapy can sometimes be intimidating or inconvenient due to various factors such as location, time constraints or personal preferences. My clients have dialled in e.g. from a coffee shop at the airport, a meeting room at the office, from the living room while the baby is sleeping, from their home after a hard day at school, among many others.

Together, we create a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and healing, irrespective of whether we are meeting online or in-person or a combination of both.

The platform I use is HIPPA and GDPR compliant which means that it is safe and confidential to use and is specifically built for health professionals.

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