Trauma and PTSD

Metacognitive Therapy is fast gaining recognition as one of the most effective psychotherapies for curing PTSD.

Trauma and PTSD


First of all, I am sorry that you, or someone you care for, has experienced a traumatic event.

It’s important that you give yourself time to recover from the trauma. It’s normal for a person to take 1 to 3 months to self-heal and for the tell tale symptoms to subside. After this period, you should return to full psychological recovery without intervention.

If your symptoms are persistent beyond this time, it may be an indication of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or commonly known as PTSD.

Common pervasive symptoms include getting sucked into repetitive, unwanted memories, resisting conversations about or revisiting the place of the event, trouble falling asleep, loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities, among others.

It’s time to talk to a professional.​



You do not need a specific diagnosis to get on a treatment plan for PTSD with me. If you suspect that your symptoms and challenges are interfering with your daily functioning beyond the recovery period, then you deserve to get the right support.

However, if you have an assessment from a licensed Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Doctor, then let me know and we can directly get to the treatment.



Our aim during therapy is to identify and uncover, the particular symptoms affecting you and conceptualising the mechanisms that, instead of keeping your psyche from self-healing, are preserving the symptoms and maybe even making them worse.

With PTSD, I prefer to purely work with Metacognitive therapy since it is non-invasive and proving to be quite effective form of talk therapy. Recovery rates are as high as 80% and involve 6 to 10 sessions.

In addition, it is non-invasive and non-retraumatising, which means ​that if you don’t want to, we never have to talk about particular instances of the trauma you have already been through.

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