Individual therapy

Targeted, Flexible and Confidential

The primary goal of individual therapy is to increase understanding of one’s thought and behaviour patterns in order to help improve function and well-being. Depending on your goal, we work together in either of the following capacities:

Clinical Treatment and support for diagnosed or diagnosable conditions.

Mental Health support for personal growth and healthy coping.

Advice and information for the next of kin, support networks and organisations.

My work is professionally supervised.


Like any good working relationship, therapist-client alliance is an important factor in a successful outcome and treatment efficacy. During the introductory session we can find out if my expertise matches your goals for therapy.


I am professionally bound to act in a clients’ interests. I am also responsible to preserve the confidentiality of the clients’ identity and the content of what we discuss during sessions. Any divergence from this is only done after informed agreement with the client.

I am only legally obligated to break this confidentiality if:

– I believe that a client is in immediate danger of fatal self-harm.
– I believe that a client may fatally harm someone else

You can read the full Ethics guidelines on DPF’s website.


In addition to alleviating the distressing symptoms, my clients report feeling in full control of themselves, with a renewed understanding of their mental health, even years after finishing therapy.

Seeing them fully engaged with life and it’s ups and downs is my reward.


I primarily use the Metacognitive framework and elements from the wider cognitive methods, which are highly effective, evidence-based treatments for a range of mental health challenges. However, I continually upgrade my knowledge base, and through authorised supervision, you can be sure to get the best treatment.


My approach is underlined by mutual respect, confidentiality, and best practices. During therapy, I aim to be flexible and customised to your particular needs, and strive to create an open and inclusive atmosphere. Sessions can be held online, in-clinic or at a pre-agreed public place.

Contact me

You are always welcome to write or call me using the information below. You can also leave your name and number on this form and I will contact you directly.

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